Tracking progress + holding myself accountable

This is the Year of the Dissertation. I’m using what’s left of winter break to get things mapped out, so I can start writing and working with more clarity very soon. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about how to document my process and progress in a sustainable and meaningful way for myself. It’s fascinating to see my colleague Zayna Bizri uses her blog as a space to think aloud about her dissertation similar to how Michelle Moravec researches and works in public–but I know myself well and that’s just something I would sustain over the long haul.

So I’ve decided to take a photo or snapshot of each day’s dissertation work and keep the album in Flickr (hat-tip to Jim McGrath’s screenshot project as an inspiration). There’s space in the description field for me to succinctly recap accomplishments, setbacks, and the work that I’ve done. Plus I can see exactly the frequency of work. And there’s something fun about having an album at the end of all this that I can easily glance through rather than (possible, but unlikely) re-reading post after post.

Let the journey begin!

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