Round 2: type, fonts, and styling

This week I’m trying to get my head organized for the upcoming type assignment. Already I’ve lost track of how much time I’ve spent looking at webfonts, going back and forth between some of the stunning (but costly) options and the more reasonable (both for my current skill level and budget). I find that I am potentially wary of having a font drive the aesthetic. I keep thinking of the advice one often hears when it comes to clothing: “wear the suit, don’t let the suit wear you.”

That being said, it is hard to resist the allure of surrounding oneself with lots of stunning typefaces. There seems to be two camps of thought regarding quantity: one that revels in having lots of fonts at hand to use and the other values a select group of fonts. Both approaches have their benefits, and I think which group you fall into depends largely on personal design processes and styles. I find myself leaning towards the second group for several reasons. First, I’d like to really absorb the lessons on how to effectively set type and I think that’s more achievable when dealing with fewer font options. I would also like to avoid the common rookie mistake of throwing too much at the wall and hoping that whatever sticks will be good. Making these decisions hasn’t stopped me from downloading and discarding several fonts already, but between this week’s video on webfonts and the readings on CSS, I’m starting to be able to recognize what is and is not effective with regards to typography. Which is a start.

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