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Current Courses

Spring 2020: History of the Family (HIST 1131)

  • Online, completely asynchronous

Spring 2021: World History 2 (HIST 1102)

  • Online, completely asynchronous
  • Online, synchronous meetings

Fall 2020: World History 1 (HIST 1101)

Fall 2020: Minnesota History (HIST 1133)

  • Online, completely asynchronous (available only in D2L)

Past Courses

Designing for Diversity: Anthropology and New Technologies 

Co-developed and taught with Dr. Janell Rothenberg, Spring 2017, Carleton College.

Course description: More and more, anthropologists and other social scientists are collaborating with engineers to build more usable technologies for these diverse groups of users. While there are many methods for designing better user experience, this course will focus on how anthropology’s ethnographic method can help us design for diversity. 

Full Syllabus (PDF)

Teaching Hidden History

A graduate level asynchronous hybrid course designed for the 4-VA initiative , co-developed with Dr. Kelly Schrum and Dr. Nate Sleeter. 

Publications: “Teaching Hidden History: Student Outcomes from a Distributed, Collaborative, Hybrid History Course,” The History Teacher. Co-authored with Kelly Schrum, Nate Sleeter, and Anthony Pellegrino. 51:4 (2018).

“From a Scottish Tartan to Two Oily Hands: Students Reveal Historical Narratives in Familiar Artifacts,” The American Historian. Co-authored with Kelly Schrum, Nate Sleeter, and Anthony Pellegrino. 2015.

Select Workshops I’ve Taught:

Intro to Podcasting

hands-on workshop on crafting podcasts that distill scholarly research for a general audience and technical instruction.

Social Reading and Notetaking

hands-on workshop on and ways it can support peer collaborative notetaking, feedback, and social annotation.

Promoting Critical Thinking with Design-Rich Assignments

discussion-based workshop on ways to incorporating design thinking process (define – ideate – prototype – test) into student assignments.

Interactive Storytelling with Knightlab

a survey and interactive demo of TimelineJS, StorymapJS, InlineAudio, and Juxtapose and ways to incorporate these tools into student projects.

Beyond the Exhibit: Omeka for Collaboration

hands-on workshop on Omeka and the plugins that support collaborative and crowd-sourced projects.