making like Sisyphus

Well, perhaps that’s a bit hyperbolic (I wouldn’t exactly call Clio2 a punishment), but trying to make adjustments to my final project has often felt like I’m re-treading the same ground. Based on the critiques from the last 2 classes, I keep repeating “boxy-ness is bad and watch the saturated colors” over and over as I tweak my site.

The final finished product will be up soon, but these are the changes I’ve made so far:

  • Desaturating colors: the yellow of the stereograph card backgrounds was softened; the nav bar background is now gray instead of the rich navy blue it used to be; i switched the background of the header image to a warm ivory instead of the faded mauve.
  • The body is now a dark gray to provide more contrast between the images and the ivory background of the content.
  • I reduced the size of the large images that used to be at the top under the nav, and started the short background info for each page next to the image. I put a subhead above the big main image and text to orient viewers.
  • I kept the gallery of example images on each page, but expanded the blurbs for each one to either provide some explanatory info about the image or to situate the format in the historical context.
  • The main page now has a longer background essay to explain the point of the site, as well as the argument.

I’m taking a day off from staring and making minuscule tweaks before getting the finished product up. I want to wish all of my classmates good luck finishing up their fascinating projects!

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