Image Assignment

Well, that it is now up on my portfolio. I welcome all feedback and suggestions!

I realize now that I should have kept some kind of log of what all I did to make writing the narrative for the assignment a lot easier. Although, that would have meant writing “opened history menu, backed up as far as possible” several dozen times. The adjustment layers were the biggest help, and once I started using a mouse instead of my laptop’s trackpad my frustration level became manageable. I also dilly-dallied selecting images: a couple I thought were interesting ending up being enormous drains of time so I had to go with ones were I could demonstrably accomplish something. As I mentioned on my assignment, I really wanted to work with post-mortem photos, but couldn’t find enough high-quality interesting images to make it worthwhile.

The good news from all of this is that I’m feeling slightly more comfortable with Photoshop. The bad news is I realized that I will be spending countless more hours with it since my final project is so image heavy. Didn’t think that one through too well, apparently.

*This week I commented on Megan’s and Jeri’s blogs.

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