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This week we were asked to critique a classmate’s design assignment, and so I’m going to go over Beth’s well-executed page:

Aspects of the design:

  • Consistency: The use of the same font for the headers and body throughout fulfills the consistency requirement.
  • Alignment: the two images are aligned on the right; however, the nav bar is centered, but doesn’t seem to be aligned with the header text or any other element.
  • Repetition: the images are floated right in the same place with respect to each section, and the repetition of typography is good.
  • Proximity: there is good line-height that makes the text readable; there could be a little more space between the images and the text to set the images off more. The copyright link and information in the footer could use more spacing from the top.
  • Color and cohesiveness: the use of the header image palette unifies the colors of the design, and the colors throughout the body are muted enough to make the really stand out. The fonts used effectively mimic the brochures’ typography in the first image, and the design evokes the 1920s Parisian visual media without campy-ness or parody.
  • Images: The picture from the exposition brochure is matted nicely onto the background color, and is placed with the figure facing in towards the text to guide the reader’s eye inward. The caption, while a distinct font, looks more like block of text. I would suggest: shortening the caption and/or manipulating the font.
  •  Hierarchy and grouping of elements: The content is grouped together in manageable chunks set-off by the ornaments, and follows a clear hierarchy.

*edit: I responded to Amber’s helpful critique.

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