I’m Dr. Celeste Tường Vy Sharpe. I’m a history professor at Normandale Community College. Previously, I was the Interim Director of Academic Technology/Academic Technologist for Instructional Technology at Carleton College, a Penn Predoctoral Fellow for Excellence Through Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania, and I worked at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media on a number of education and public history projects. I earned my PhD in History from George Mason University.

My research interests lie in visual culture and the construction of social identities. My born-digital dissertation is titled “They Need You! Disability, Visual Culture, and the Poster Child, 1945-1980,” and looks at how charitable organizations, disabled children and their families, and the public understood and shaped ideas about disability, identity, philanthropy, family, and the nation after WWII. I am currently launching a new project on the imagery and discourses around women and alcoholism, with the Dia Linn and Hazelden facilities in Minnesota as my case studies.

Contact me on Twitter @celeste_sharpe or by email celeste.sharpe @ normandale.edu.